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Joan is one of the only historical figures to be specifically referenced in a Disney Princess movie. During the " Do You Want to Build a Snowman " sequence of  Frozen , Princess Anna of Arendelle  sings that she is so lonely she has started speaking to the pictures on the walls. To emphasize this (or perhaps to show support) Anna plops down on a small chesterfield and points at a painting of Joan, to which she interrupts her song to say, "Hang in there, Joan!" This is actually a triple source of humour. In addition to encouraging a historical figure from four centuries earlier regarding a mission already accomplished, this is something of a play on words as the princess is saying this to a wall painting (which is literally "hanging in" the gallery). It is also a pinch of foreshadowing regarding Elsa 's reception once the truth about her is revealed, as Joan stated in her trial that "people are often hanged for telling the truth."

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