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The reviewer argues that the early 1981 EP Why? "...revolutionized everything...[paving the] way for the atonal shredding of hardcore punk, thrash, death metal , and grind , but also the dead-serious political ideals and brutal backing of crust hardcore". Ian Glasper described the EP as "one of the most potent anti-war records ever made". [17] Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost credited Discharge as "a revolution, much like Venom ", saying, "When I heard the first two Discharge records, I was blown away. I was just starting to play an instrument and I had no idea you could go so far. And to me, they were unlike other punk bands--they sounded more like metal." [18]

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The fact that light has polarization means that it is a transverse wave (side/side), but only longitudinal waves (forward/back) can exist in a gas or liquid.

William Shatner plays Captain James T. Kirk ; Shatner felt that though dramatic, the script made Kirk look too prejudiced. [8] Kirk's second-in-command, the Vulcan Spock , is portrayed by Leonard Nimoy . DeForest Kelley plays Leonard McCoy , the chief medical officer of the Enterprise ; Kelley's appearance as the doctor in The Undiscovered Country was to be his last screen role. With Leonard Nimoy the film's executive producer, the 71-year-old Kelley was paid US$1 million for the role, assuring a comfortable retirement for the veteran actor. [9] Kelley and Shatner shot their prison scenes over the course of six to eight nights; the two actors got to know each other better than they ever had. [10]

Anyone who’s gone to a Low End affiliated tour only to be surprised by how energetic the performances were compared to the stoned out tripiness of the records can attest that the Glitch Mob’s party-starting antics are an essential, if sometimes dormant aspect of the Beat Scene’s DNA. Sure, their sound was copied and pumped full of steroids by Americans white-washing Dubstep, and the “glitch” half of their name has aged about as well as Acid Jazz and Trip Hop, but The Glitch Mob played a key role in helping Los Angeles’ beatmakers figure out what they wanted to sound like and potential paths to avoid. – Son Raw

There is a saying about used cars: “They are guilty until proven innocent.” Since you aren’t buying something fresh from the factory, it is important to take the extra step and pay a professional to conduct an inspection. Vehicle history reports like CarFax can only tell you so much and if you are buying something from far away, it is imperative that you make the investment in a professional shop that provides a detailed report so that you have a clear picture about the quality of the vehicle you are about to buy.

Precisely what had happened to Soundwave and Sideways was never clearly explained, but they did, at least survive the experience. When Galvatron had a vision of Starscream, seemingly reaching out across the dimensions via the fire dimension to mock him one last time, Soundwave and Sideways were seen standing at his side, Unfinished Later, the pair were shown to have found another Planet X, presumably in the dimension they had been blasted to, and seemed to be pretty dang happy there, given the way they were boogieing. Beginning

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Lo-fi, freak folk, post-punk, psych and noise from all over - Cure for Pain has a little of what ails you and a little of what heals you. A fantastic pharmacy of weird affliction and heavy medicine turned inside out in search of the door.

Saz’iso’s instrumentalists are from the other great city of Saze: Korçë. Violinist Aurel Qirjo graduated as a conductor from the High Institute of Arts in Tirana and, despite having lived abroad for many years, he remains one of the most distinguished violinists of Southern Albania, where he returns frequently to perform. Aurel now lives in London, recording and performing as a member of the Greek group Kourelou as well as playing in Turkish and Albanian ensembles. Clarinettist Telando Feto has remained in Korçë, where he teaches music in a school. He is famous for the tone and musicality of his playing, which is in high demand by Albanian popular artists. Llautë (lute) master and instrument maker Agron Murat and dajre (frame drum) artist Agron Nasi are veteran performers, who were part of Korçë’s legendary Lulushi saze and have toured abroad widely with Albanian groups. Pëllumb Meta is a Tirana-based multi-instrumentalist and member of the Tirana Ensemble; a virtuoso on all manner of flutes and pipes with an extraordinarily wide repertoire of songs and tunes from all Albanian regions.

Warp 9 Its A Beat WaveWarp 9 Its A Beat WaveWarp 9 Its A Beat WaveWarp 9 Its A Beat Wave