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In 1982, the Lorries' manager Dave Hall provided independent record label Red Rhino with a cassette of the group's demos . [3] Impressed by the quality of the songs, Red Rhino label head "Tony K" (Tony Kostrzewa) [4] signed the band and immediately released "Beating My Head" unchanged from the demo as the band's debut single. [5] The song made a strong appearance on the influential NME independent record chart . Fagan and Smith soon departed the band, to be replaced by Dave Wolfenden and Paul Southern respectively. Afterwards, bassist Southern was replaced by Leon Phillips. While numerous additional personnel changes would occur in the history of the band, Wolfenden became a mainstay and a frequent songwriting partner of Reed's during the band's most productive period. In 1983 and 1984, the band released several more singles (including "He's Read" and "Monkeys On Juice", which reached No. 9 on the NME indie chart [6] ). John Peel was an early supporter, and the band recorded two radio sessions for him in March and November 1983 [3] [7] (released on CD in 2014 as BBC Sessions 1983 - 1984 , part of the band's 3-CD compilation See the Fire ).

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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Cut DownRed Lorry Yellow Lorry Cut DownRed Lorry Yellow Lorry Cut DownRed Lorry Yellow Lorry Cut Down