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Heifetz is a graduate of Columbia University , Harvard Medical School, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is also a cellist and former student of Gregor Piatigorsky . His brother is violinist Daniel Heifetz , Founder & Artistic Director of the Heifetz International Music Institute.

San Antonio Symphony Mastersingers conductor Dr. John Silantien has taught and conducted choirs on the secondary and collegiate levels in Texas, the Washington, D. C., area, and on the faculty of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Illinois. His awards include a Rockefeller grant for choral conducting at Aspen, Colorado, and a Fulbright award for research in London, England. Dr. Silantien presently serves as Director of Choral Activities at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Director of the San Antonio Symphony Mastersingers, and Director of Choral Music at University Presbyterian Church.

 · Itzhak Perlman, violin Pinchas Zukerman, viola Performing Johan Halvorsen's Passacaglia Duo for Violin and Viola

Collage has performed the music of many NEC composers. I can think of quite a few, including: Robert Ceely, Robert Cogan, Stephanie Ann Boyd, Bob Fritz, Michael Gandolfi, John Heiss, Lee Hyla, Katy Balch, Christopher Kies, Thomas Oboe Lee, Donald Martino, William Thomas McKinley, Lior Navok, Malcolm Peyton, Tibor Pusztai and Gunther Schuller.

For most artists, recording quality is at best a secondary concern. But with Heifetz it’s crucial, since the exquisite subtlety of his tone was such an essential part of his artistry. His electrical 78s were uniformly dreadful – shrill, crude and overloaded. Often his instrument barely sounded like a violin and the fidelity of his acousticals had been more convincing. The Heifetz Collection transfers make no effort to improve upon the originals, and that's a shame. Indeed, the CD of his sublime 1940 Beethoven " Archduke" Trio has a nasty nasal tone and annoying swishes, clicks and distortion that were absent from earlier LP transfers. An edition of this significance warrants distinction in sound as well as content, and there's simply no excuse for BMG, with its vast resources and original masters, to have churned out such rotten CDs, especially when Biddulph, Naxos and other independent reissue labels have done far better using commercial pressings.

Teaching moves through generations. If you believe in the principles that represent the truth in the masterpieces, then you try to preserve those principals. They can be preserved only through teaching.

The scores for Beethoven's Dedication of the House Overture had failed to arrive in time for rehearsal, and Gabrilowitsch used instead Weber's Overture to Oberon to open the concert. The baton was then turned over to Associate Conductor Victor Kolar, as Gabrilowitsch and English pianist Harold Bauer performed Mozart's Concerto in E Flat for two pianos and orchestra. Following the intermission, the two pianists were joined on stage by Olga Samaroff at a third piano, presenting Bach's Concerto in C Major for three pianos and orchestra. The program was concluded with Beethoven's C Minor Symphony. "Never in the city's history," according to the Michigan Historical Commission, had such a galaxy of stars been gathered together as those to assist in the dedication." Gahrilowitsch, with only two weeks of rehearsal time available, produced cooperation and unanimity of ensemble in the newly-formed 90-player orchestra that promised well for the future.

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LSC 1994 Lecuona/Falla Jungle Drums Gould and Orch.
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LSC 2123 Beethoven Con. #4 Rubinstein/Krips Sym. of Air
LSC 2124 Beethoven Con. #5 Rubinstein/Krips Sym. of Air
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LSC 2130 Strauss
LSC 2131 Franck Sym. in D min. Munch/BSO
LSC 2134 Overture! Overture! Agoult/NSOL
LSC 2139 Christmas Hymns and Carols Shaw Chorale
LSC 2147 Schubert Quintet(Trout) Festival Quartet and Sankey
LSC 2150 Prokofiev/Stravinsky Lt Kije/Song of Nightingale
LSC 2177 Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Monteux/LSO
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LSC 2225 Witches Brew Gibson/NSOL
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LSC 2232 Moon
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LSC 2234 Saint-Saens/Franck Con. #2/Sym. Var. Rubinstein/Wallenstein & Orch.
LSC 2235 Music to Have Fun With / Fiedler/BPO
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LSC 2247 Deep River / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2249 Ponchielli La Gioconda Previtali/ROHO/Milanov/DiStefano
LSC 2251 Hovhaness Mysterious Mountain Stravinsky Fairy's Kiss/Divertimento Reiner/CSO
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LSC 2254 Victoria Requiem Mass Mount Angel Choir
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LSC 2276 Brailowsky Encores / Brailowsky(Piano)
LSC 2279 Program of Song / Price(Soprano)
LSC 2280 Art of Song / Cesare Valletti (Tenor)
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LSC 2294 Rodgers Slaughter 10th Ave./Others Fiedler/BPO
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LSC 2303 Milanov Opera Favorites / Milanov(Soprano)/Basile Orch.
LSC 2304 Chopin Ballades/Andante Spinato/Grand Polonaise Graffman (Piano)
LSC 2307 Destination Stereo / Var. Orch.
LSC 2308 Doubling in Brass / Gould & Orch.
LSC 2309 Saint-Saens Samson and Delilah R. Stevens(Sopr.)/Met.
LSC 2312 Bach Cantatas #56 and #82 / Harrell / Shaw Chorale
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LSC 2323 Tchaikovsky Capric. Italienne Kondrashin RCA SO. Rimsky-Korsakov Capric. Espangnol Shumsky(Violin)
LSC 2325 Music for Frustrated Conductors/ Various
LSC 2326 Debussy/Misc. / Claire de Lune Agoult/LPrO
LSC 2327 Bizet L'Arlesienne Suites 1 & 2 Morel/ROHO Chabrier Espagna Rhap./March Joyeuse
LSC 2328 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Reiner CSO
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LSC 2332 Hello World! / E. Roosevelt(Nar
LSC 2333 Lanza-Christmas Carols / Mario Lanza(Tenor)
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LSC 2343 Beethoven Sym. #5/Coriolan Over. Reiner/CSO
LSC 2344 Schubert Sym. in C(Great) Munch/BSO
LSC 2345 Tchaikovsky/Ravel 1812 Over./Bolero Gould & Orch.
LDS 2346 Strauss
LDS 2347 Haydn/Mozart Sym. #104/Sym. #40 Karajan/VPO
LDS 2348 Beethoven Symphony #7 Karajan/VPO
LSC 2350 Yuletide Songfest Elias/Tozzi/Engel
LDS 2351
LSC 2352 Blackwood/Haiff Sym. #1/Sym.#2 Munch BSO
LSC 2353 Vivaldi 4 Bassoon Concertos W. Sherman(Bassoon)
LSC 2354 Mozart Fant. C min./Son. C A. Tchaikowsky(Piano)
LSC 2360 Chopin Preludes A. Tchaikowsky(Piano)
LSC 2362 Berlioz Sym. Fantastique Monteux/VPO
LSC 2363 Tchaikovsky Con. in D Szeryng (Violin)/ Munch/BSO
LSC 2364 Mahler Sym. #4 Casa(Soprano)/Reiner/CSO
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LSC 2366 Beethoven Sonatas in F Minor and D
LSC 2367 Gershwin Amer. in Paris/Rhap. in Blue E. Wild(Piano)/Fiedler/BPO
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LSC 2369 Tchaikovsky Sym. #4 Monteux/BSO
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LSC 2373 Presenting Jaime Laredo / Laredo(Violin)/Sokoloff(Piano)
LSC 2374 Bartok Music for Str.
LSC 2376 Stravinsky Petrouchka Monteux/BSO
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LSC 2378 Schubert Quartets #13 and #14(Death and the Maiden) Julliard Quartet
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LSC 2391 Opera for People Who Hate Opera Var. Artists
LSC 2394 Mario Lanza Sings Caruso Favorites / Lanza
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LSC 2403 What Wondrous Love / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2405 Sibelius Sym.#5/Karelia Suite Gibson LSO
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LSC 2407 Strauss
LSC 2411 Town Hall Recital / Cesare Valletti(Tenor)
LSC 2412 Schumann Dichterliebe Cesare Valletti(Tenor)
LSC 2413 Debussy/Ravel Quartets G min & F
LSC 2414 Brahms/Bach Sonata #3/Partita #3 Laredo(Violin)/Sokoloff(Piano)
LSC 2415 Debussy Prelude Bk. 1 Casadesus(Piano)
LSC 2416 Operatic Choruses / Shaw Chorale
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LSC 2423 Festival / Reiner/CSO Layton
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LSC 2427 The Fabulous Josephine Baker
LSC 2429 Grieg/Liszt Concertos Rubinstein(Piano)/Wallenstein & Orch.
LSC 2430 Rachmnainoff Rhap Theme Paganini Rubinstein/Reiner/CSO Falla Nights in Garden of Spain Rubinstein
LSC 2433 Groffe/Beethoven Grand Canyon Suite/Wellington's Victory Gould
LSC 2435 Sibelius Violin Con. D min. Heifetz/Hendl/CSO
LSC 2436 Respighi Pines of Rome/Fountains of Rome Reiner/CSO
LSC 2437 Bizet Carmen for Orchastra Gould & Orch.
LSC 2438 Berlioz Overtures Munch BSO
LSC 2439 All Time Favorites Fiedler BPO
LSC 2440 Romberg The Desert Song Mario Lanza (Tenor)
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LSC 2445 Armed Forces Suite Bennett/RCAVO
LSC 2446 Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherezade Reiner CSO
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LSC 2449 Gounod/Bizet Ballet Music Faust/Carmen Gibson/ROHO
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LSC 2455 Schumann Con. A min Van Cliburn(Piano) Reiner/CSO
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LSC 2458 Arias / R. Verreau (Canadian RCA)
LSC 2459 Brahms Sonata #3/Inter. F min Rubinstein(Piano)
LSC 2460 Bach Suite #2 B min/Brandenburg Con. #5 Janigro/Rampal(Flute)/Solisti di Zagreb
LSC 2461 Mozart Con. #24/Rondo A min. Rubinstein(Piano)/Krips
LSC 2462 Debussy/Strauss
LSC 2465 Prokoiev/Haydn #2/Sonata #35 Frager(Piano)/Leibowitz/PCO
LSC 2466 Brahms Con. #2 Richter(Piano)/Leinsdorf/CSO
LSC 2468 Chopin/Mendelssohn Con. #1/Capr. Brill. Graffman(Piano)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2470 More Classical Music for People Who Hate It / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2471 Liszt/Enesco Rhapsodies Stokowski/RCASO
LSC 2472 Bruch/Mozart Con's #1/#2 Laredo(Violin)/Mitchell/NSO
LSC 2473 Brahms Piano Quartet G min. Festival Quartet (Szymon Goldberg
LSC 2474 Schumann Spring Sym./Manfred Over. Munch/BSO
LSC 2481 Schumann/Carter Quartet #3/Quartet #2 Julliard Str. Quartet N/A N/A N/A
LSC 2485 Delibes Sylvia/Coppelia Rignold/PCO
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LSC 2489 Dvorak Sym.#7(old #2) Monteux/LSO
LSC 2490 Dvorak Cello Concerto Piatigorsky(Cello)/Munch/BSO
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LSC 2500 Strauss
LSC 2502 Misc. / Serenade / R. Verreau (Canadian RCA)
LSC 2749 Strauss Recital by Lisa Della Casa

Heifetz Piatigorsky Primrose Pennario The Heifetz Piatigorsky Concerts With Primrose Pennario And GuHeifetz Piatigorsky Primrose Pennario The Heifetz Piatigorsky Concerts With Primrose Pennario And GuHeifetz Piatigorsky Primrose Pennario The Heifetz Piatigorsky Concerts With Primrose Pennario And GuHeifetz Piatigorsky Primrose Pennario The Heifetz Piatigorsky Concerts With Primrose Pennario And Gu