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There may be some truth to this. Some, like Babcock, strongly believe that there is a ‘defence lawyer personality’. [12] Still, I continue to search for answers, or, at least, ways of thinking that go beyond personality and might be useful in drawing law students and young lawyers to undertake the defence of the unpopular in these uncertain times. [13]

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to come home from work to find a group of strange naked men sitting idly in my living room. They had the liquor cabinent open and judging by the several empty bottles of booze sitting on the bar, they had been here awhile. There had been a steady stream of men coming in and out of the house lately, fucking my wife all hours of the day and night, but this was the first gangbang she had initiated. I was excited, but somewhat surprised to see the number of guys hanging out in our house ready to give her a good fucking. Had she gotten in a little over her head, I wondered?

While Queensberry intended this phrase as an insult, exactly what “posing Somdomite” means is not clear.  In the trials, it was taken to mean “posing as sodomite.”  In the official language of the indictment, Queensberry was said to have delivered a card

Note to Readers: For those of you who are offended by the idea of racist white women, black men fucking white girls, or dirty talk about the same, I suggest moving on. I won't be offended if you click the BACK button right now. Go on, it's okay!

Completing Test II

The video screen flashed through another set of interracial pictures of white pussies stretched around thick black cocks, white women's mouths sucking on giant black dongs, interracial couplings all featuring the largest darkest dicks Heather had ever seen. The music was low toned and rhythmic and reminded her of old school techno; all of it was mixed with different girls' voices often repeating the same messages that flashed on the screen in between videos and images.







Her own pussy was sore from masturbating for the last several hours in the private room. As she pumped the black dildo in and out of her cunt she felt the familiar build up of exquisitely dirty pleasure. There was no stopping it. The medication coursing through her body had completely removed all inhibitions and the images she viewed – no matter how revolting she initially thought they were – blocked out all other thoughts.

"I'm a black cock whore! I'm a black cock whore! I'm a OOOH BLACK COCK OOOH FUCKING WHORE!" Heather repeated over and over as she came, just as she had been instructed to do for hours.

Unlike the previous times, however, the video and sound stopped abruptly and the fluorescent lights came back on. A man's voice went loudly over the intercom, startling the college girl who had fallen into her own depraved fantasy world for the last sixteen hours. "Your time is up. Please gather your belongings and any used contents of Boxes A, B and C. You can dispose of any unwanted contents in the trash bin located by the main exit door. Please get your packets on the way out. They are located at the main desk in a red envelope with your room number marked on the front. Your check will be mailed to the address you listed on your initial paperwork once Test Three is completed. Thank you."

Jumping off the bed, she pulled up her panties and her jeans and scooted to the bathroom to check her makeup in the mirror. Her blonde hair was disheveled and Heather did her best to make it look normal. In the end she pulled it back in a ponytail. She looked exhausted, like she had fucked all night long. In a sense she had, only she had done it to herself. With the video and sound off Heather could finally think for herself and the anger was coming back. How could they do this to people? How did I get into this mess? What have they done to me? How do I go back to normal? When will this conditioning wear off?

The questions bounced around in her head as she reapplied her lipstick and slipped her shoes on. Heather desperately wanted a shower to wash the taint of the day off, to remove the images of a bunch of filthy niggers from her mind, niggers who had no business even touching a white girl. Touching them with those big hands, fucking them with those big black cocks...

"Get me out of this fucking place!" she said aloud, frustrated that she was still thinking about black men. She grabbed the dildo and the magazines she had unwrapped and threw them in the clear bag that had been provided. The sooner I throw this shit away the better, she figured, embarrassed that she had looked at the magazines and even more embarrassed that she had used the dildo.

A KNOCK KNOCK at the door made her jump. "We're ready to clear the room for you," a Hispanic woman's voice said from the other side. Heather shoved the toy and magazines into her purse to hide the items from view and then unlocked the door. The older brown skinned woman was pulling a janitor's cart and smiling, "Sorry, I hope I didn't disturb you."

"What the hell do you mean by that?" Heather snapped at her, then pushed passed without even waiting for a response. She walked down the brightly lit hallway and saw there were several doors still closed – the muffled sounds of porn came from each of them and she wondered if every girl in the experiment had been subjected to the same interracial crap she had been forced to watch. Heather turned the corner to see her roommate waiting by the front desk talking with a woman – it was the same woman who interviewed them both when they signed up for this preposterous drug trial.

"-ake sure you drink eight ounces of water before you go to bed tonight and be sure to read the material inside the packet first thing in the morning. Call the 800 line if you have any out of the ordinary headaches or other symptoms, okay?"

Brianna took a red envelope from the woman –Mrs. DiMurrio was it?- and slipped it into her purse. "Thanks, I appreciate it- Hey Heather! You ready to get out of here?"

"SO ready," she responded, taking a red envelope from DiMurrio like her friend had done.

The woman behind the desk started again, "Just remember that the drug will remain in your system for another forty-eight to seventy-two hours-"

Heather cut her off, "Yeah, I heard you telling her everything. Can I go now?"

The woman's smile faded in response to the girl's rudeness, "Yes, you may leave. You can dispose of any used items from boxes 'A', 'B' and 'C' here in this trash can."

The blonde college student had no intention of showing this clinic worker or her friend the items she had used. Even quickly tossing something into the can would be admitting she had masturbated and Brianna would never let her hear the end of it.

She heard another girl coming down the hallway and wanted to get out of the clinic right away. "I didn't USE anything. Can we go?"

"Yes you may."

As the two of them stepped out into the midnight air Brianna turned to her friend with a concerned look on her face, "What's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't like being stuck in that tiny room all day long."

Brianna unlocked the car doors and the two of them climbed in. "I didn't mind it so much. I don't think I have ever seen so many naked girls in my entire life though."

"Or guys..." Heather added.

"You got guys in your videos? Not me. It was all girls playing with themselves or doing it with other girls. It's like they were trying to turn me into a lesbian or something. So were the movies any good for you at least?"

"I barely watched them," she lied. "I just zoned out most of the time."

Heather climbed into bed and turned out the light on her nightstand. The air conditioning from the apartment was blowing down on her but it still felt hot in the room. Maybe she was still feeling a reaction from the drug? she considered. She pulled back the blanket on the bed and then a few minutes later kicked off the sheet as well. Her petite frame now rolled on the mattress, clad only in her tank top and pajama shorts.

I can't believe I let Brianna talk me into this, she thought. Some weird drug is in my body doing who-knows-what and then they show me all that disgusting porn. Of all things to have me watch they show me black guys fucking white girls. Fucking them with those big dirty cocks. Every one of those girls was a slut for fucking those giant dicks. Those giant dicks pumping into them, making them cum over and over. Fucking their white pussies. Maybe those girls were given this drug too. Yeah, that's the only way you could get that many white women to betray their race. Drug them up with some sex medicine and make them so horny they can't stand it. That's the only reason I watched those dirty movies. Watching and rubbing my clit and fucking my pussy with that big black dildo while those white cunts got stretched out by those enormous black cocks...

Heather couldn't stop thinking about the interracial sex she had witnessed all day long and shoved her fingers into her pajama shorts. Her pussy was wet to the touch and immediately felt overwhelming desire as soon as she touched her clit. She needed to cum one more time to be able to get to sleep– to hopefully shake these thoughts from her head and get some rest finally. The clit rubbing wasn't doing it though and eventually she had her fingers buried deep in her snatch. One finger, then two, then three. Fuck, I need it so bad right now!

She jumped off her bed and grabbed her purse. Even in the dark it wasn't difficult to find the big dildo she had punished her pussy with for hours. At ten inches long it barely fit in her bag and it was so thick her fingers couldn't even reach around its girth. Heather pulled off her shorts and slid the dildo along her pussy lips. She couldn't believe she was doing this in her own bedroom; in her own apartment! It was so wrong, so filthy, so...

She pushed the black dildo in her cunt and moaned loudly...So hot. The sounds from the clinic came back to her conscious mind as she fucked herself with a dildo that dwarfed every guy she had ever slept with. Knowing the dildo was the same size as the black actors' cocks in the movies (and in many cases smaller than the actors) made her whole body tremble.

Fuck me with that black cock!

Black cock is better!

Black cock is bigger!

I'm a dirty little white girl!

I love black dick!

The climax came quickly as she pushed the dildo deep inside her, deeper than her boyfriend ever reached. The thickness was delectable as she mentally compared the feel of her boyfriend's cock to the black phallus that just shook her body with orgasmic pleasure. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ohhhh!" Sleep came almost as quickly as she did, and Heather fell asleep grasping the toy in both hands.

One week earlier

Her roommate Brianna had suggested they sign up for a drug trial that was being conducted off campus. It paid $200 for three days of testing and –after paying for books this semester- it was an option that she needed to take if she was going to have any social life at all this month. When she arrived at the clinic she was interviewed by an attractive woman in her thirties.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. DiMurrio. You are here for the drug trial, correct?"

"Yes, although I am a little nervous about it," Heather answered.

"Don't be. This is the third trial we have done on humans and the side effects are minimal. Dehydration, mild to moderate headaches, hot flashes. It is highly unlikely you'd get any of these symptoms but even if you did they wouldn't be fatal – just an annoyance."

"I noticed that the trial is for women only. What kind of drug is it? Like birth control?"

DiMurrio smiled, "No, not at all. It is a sexual stimulant, like Viagra but for women. This trial is going to be done over five hundred women and a third of those will be the control group-"

"Whoah, I didn't know it was going to be some sex drug. What is it going to do?"

"Well, we know it works, but how well it works is what the trial is for." The clinic worker went on to describe how on the first day they would establish a baseline for how excited a woman got by watching pornographic images. The second day they would administer the drug and then expose the patient two a large block of pornographic images in a controlled setting for an extended period of time. The third testing day would be a blood test and then a repeat of the first test to see what changes occurred, if any.

Heather had seen a few pornos before with her boyfriend and she and her girlfriends had laughed about them on a few occasions. Never had she ever discussed things so clinically with a stranger, however. It was awkward.

"Don't worry," Mrs. DiMurrio told her, "It is all done very discreetly and you will be by yourself during the tests in the event you feel overly excited."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, in case you need to masturbate."

Heather felt her face turning red, "I don't masturbate-"

"Please, you don't need to tell me anything. There is a survey for you to fill out, disclosure forms, schedule forms. The paperwork is all I need."

"But I don't need to, you know, do anything with myself, do I?"

"No. It is something you can feel comfortable doing if you feel you want to, but it isn't a requirement in any way."

In truth Heather did masturbate, but it wasn't frequent and it was usually when her boyfriend was unavailable for awhile. When she did it was a quick stress relieving moment. She certainly wasn't about to touch herself in some clinic office.

Completing Test I

Heather squirmed awkwardly in the chair watching pornographic images flash across the computer screen. She was alone in the room but it was still embarrassing to be doing the test in the first place. The sensors were attached to her temples, neck, chest, and back stuck uncomfortably to her skin; the finger clip measuring her heart ate and armband measuring her blood pressure were difficult to ignore as well. The images seem to come in batteries: women giving blowjobs, then couples in a doggie style position, then men masturbating, then pictures of sex toys, then threesomes involving two women and one man. She had been reclining in the clinic chair for about twenty minutes. Nobody had interrupted her and her only instruction was to sit comfortably for an hour looking at sexual imagery. This wasn't a bad way to earn $200 at all. Some of the pictures were hot, others weren't. Her excitement level ebbed and flowed; Heather became particularly aroused when she was shown images of women masturbating with big toys. She wasn't sure why it excited her; she certainly wasn't a lesbian and had only kissed a girl once. Still there was something exciting about watching these girls forcing a thick dildo into their pussies and she wondered if the machine she was hooked up to was recording her excitement or not.

The images flashed by and then changed to something Heather definitely didn't like: niggers. At first the images were just the men posed without their shirts, white and black men alike. Then it went to showing them nude from the waste down. It showed a white guy's cock, then a black guy's cock, then a white guy's cock again, then another black cock. The men were sometimes hard and sometimes soft and sometimes jacking off. It was all very confusing for the blonde haired college student – she was raised in Georgia and brought up properly that you just didn't mix races. She had been picked up on by plenty of black guys in high school and college but always gave them the cold shoulder like they deserved.

Now she was being subjected to images of black cocks, dozens of them in fact. Some with foreskins, some without. All of them were big though – even when they were soft! Like all girls Heather had heard rumors about black men being bigger than other men but never gave it any thought. Her boyfriends always brought her enough pleasure so who cared about a big dick anyway? But looking at them was like a traffic accident; she just couldn't turn away. Many of the images had men measuring their cocks with rulers.

One white cock – 5 inches. It looked like her boyfriend Tim's dick actually.

One black cock – 10 inches. It wasn't even all the way hard.

One white cock – 6 inches.

One black cock – 13 inches. Thirteen? It had to be fake!

The pictures went back to men having sex with women. This time though, the pictures were sporadically replaced with black men having sex with white women. Now that is pushing the limits of decency! Heather thought. She turned away from the screen for the remainder of the test, glancing back occasionally just to see if the Negroes were gone from the screen. Occasionally she went back to watching the white couples until another black guy's cock ruined things for her once again.

After the test she filled out a survey asking her to rate her excitement level for the different types of images. As she went down the list she made sure to let them know exactly how she felt about certain subjects.


NUDE WOMEN- she rated it a 3.












Starting Test II

A man in a golf shirt and ID pin labeled "Hi My Name is DAVE" walked Heather down the hallway from the waiting room to her test room labeled 'EI02'. Brianna had just been called from the room about ten minutes prior leaving her alone in the white room with a dozen other college girls. Heather glanced at some of them and noted that they all looked as uncomfortable as she did. Still, she was glad when she was called second.

"And here is your room for the next sixteen hours," the man named Dave told her. "You will find a sink and a toilet in through this door, and over here by the bed is a box that you may look through at any time once the test starts."

Heather thought the room was quite nice all things considered. There was one door and no windows. The walls were pink and there was a comfortable looking bed that was covered in a plastic sheet. "What's with the plastic?" she asked him.

"Just to show the room has been fully laundered, that's all. So over here you will see there is a large screen TV facing the bed that will probably catch most of your visual acuity, and two smaller ones on these walls here. There is a fourth smaller screen in the bathroom-"

"Why in the bathroom?"

"So that you are exposed to the images no matter where you go."

"And how do you know I won't sleep through the whole thing? You guys starting this test at seven AM kinda sucks, don't you think?"

"Well, I think the whole idea is to make sure you are awake. There is a button on this touch screen computer terminal that will flash randomly and you have to click it to show you are awake. It doesn't make any noise though. And if you fall asleep you will be required to-"

"Yeah, I know, required to do this whole stupid thing over again. I got it. I'm not gonna fall asleep, I was just asking. So when you we have a lunch break?"

Dave stared at her with an impatient look, "I was just getting to that. You did eat breakfast as instructed, correct?"


"Your two provided meals will be brought to you at approximately noon and six PM. Somebody will knock on the door and then you will take the tray off the cart outside and bring it in. When you are done just set it on the table here. You will remain in the room with no contact with any other human being until midnight tonight."

Heather pulled the plastic off the bed, balled it up and pushed it into the trash can while listening to this Dave guy drone on and on with his instructions. She wasn't an idiot and all she had to be told was "Stay in the room and watch porn". She didn't need a 10 minute breakdown of the day.

"...required to pay back $250 to the clinic."

"Whoah, wait a sec. What was that last part?" She said, the money part catching her attention.

"Simply put, the clinic has put a lot of money into the testing and if you decide not to go through with the test today, you will be required to pay back the clinic $250 for not completing the remaining tests."

"The other people didn't say anything about that."

"It is in the disclosure documents you signed. But are you planning on quitting?"

"No," Heather told him.

"Then I wouldn't worry about it. So are you ready for your pills?"

"Sure." The worker handed her two pink pills and a glass of water, making sure to witness her drinking the whole glass. Then he asked to search her purse – the second time it had been searched that day.

My favourite among those in the previews shown in the blog was a guy called Yan Cheung. He was a really handsome Asiatic, Chinese I assumed from his name, although I was not at all sure. I guess he was a light heavyweight, by which I mean he was at the lower limit of the weight scale which the competition uses to place contestants in their weight category. Suffice it to say that this young stud was picture book perfect for me. He had a magnificent physique, which avoided that knotted muscle look which so many body builders affect with a view to projecting their masculinity and aggressiveness and this was enhanced by a ten inch soft cock of beautifully balanced girth (so many of the guys seemed to go for length and forget about the balance so that their cocks look like pieces of hosepipe hanging between their legs) and beautifully cut, to boot, so that the heavily lipped head was perfect displayed in all its glory and was truly worthy of the epithet, knob.

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Revolting Cocks You Often ForgetRevolting Cocks You Often ForgetRevolting Cocks You Often ForgetRevolting Cocks You Often Forget