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The MaiAs Class D amplification circuitry delivers 25 watts into an eight-ohm speaker load, or 37 watts into four ohms. While featuring a much lower power rating than my usual reference amplifier, the MaiA had no problem driving GamuT RS3i speakers. Back at the TONE studio, we substituted a broad range of different speakers and found the power amplifier section both robust and conservatively rated.

Aptowicz first began writing about Mütter over a decade ago, when she penned an award-winning screenplay for a feature film about his life that remains unproduced. Like Mütter, Aptowicz has her obsessions, and that fixation on one of America's unsung medical heroes has served her — and Dr. Mütter's Marvels — well. For a book so immersed in the intimate perspective of its subject, it also brings a broad perspective about everything from the development of modern medicine to women's issues of the 19th century, not to mention how norms of beauty and the definitions of monstrosity have inspired and held us back over the centuries. With Dr. Mütter's Marvels , Aptowicz keeps a steady hand on her historical scalpel, even as she wields it with a winning flourish.

Also, more Black Panther jumping on and riding cars since it’s something he apparently loves to do. And if you could, wouldn’t you also love to do that?

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Upon opening the tomb, the relics of a Virgin were found, with a glass vase containing a portion of her blood in dried form. Tests performed on the vials found in the Catacombs have demonstrated that blood was in them. But in the case of St. Philomena, we have even greater certainty of its authenticity than any given by the scientific process. The wonders wrought daily in and by this precious relic, and witnessed by countless pilgrims., as well as by ecclesiastical experts, furnish us with supernatural proof of the relic's genuineness.

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The Marvels Come To The Wedding AngeloThe Marvels Come To The Wedding AngeloThe Marvels Come To The Wedding AngeloThe Marvels Come To The Wedding Angelo