Rod summers an occluded front at full moon one sound hour - Pretreatment with Prasugrel in Non–ST-Segment Elevation.

Poster #: 2
Campus: Sonoma State University
Poster Category: Agriculture/Biofuels/Environment
Keywords: Biosensors, Wireless Biosensor Network , Soil
Project Title: A Comparative Study of RF Wave Attenuation in Soil and Sand
Author List:
Palmerin, Abraham; Undergraduate, Engineering Science , Sonoma State University, Presenting Author
Farahmand, Farid; Engineering Science, Sonoma State University
Fong, Erin; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Engineering Division

In 2007, the genus Nudivirus was proposed to include viruses similar to the Oryctes rhinoceros virus (Wang et al. , 2007b [1] ). The nudiviruses were classified as the family Nudiviridae in 2013. [2]