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The INXS singer had a powerful, dynamic voice and a mesmerising stage presence. Still, in the popular consciousness, Hutchence the celebrity has arguably outlived Hutchence the musician.

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The band decided to call it quits following a return to Australia for one final tour, after which Harry Vanda and George Young became full-time songwriter/producers, helped organize AC/DC (featuring Young 's siblings Angus Young and Malcolm Young ), and generated the 1973 hit "Evie" for Stevie Wright . Their string of successes has stretched into the new century -- "Friday on My Mind" remains in print in dozens of editions throughout the world, as recorded by the Easybeats and others; and in 2001, their late '70s disco hit "Love Is in the Air" (primarily associated with John Paul Young ), was licensed for use in two different commercials for two separate products (a car and a credit card) running simultaneously on American television. Meanwhile, the Easybeats' complete output has been issued on CD through the Repertoire label (making their 1965-1966 Australian sides widely available around the world for the first time), and anthologies of their work are in print in England and America. Such was the demand for their music in the late 1990s, that Australia's Raven Records has also issued Live, Studio and Stage , the first full-length collection of live recordings by the group, assembled from across their history.

Easybeats St LouisEasybeats St LouisEasybeats St LouisEasybeats St Louis